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Used Equipment

Used Machinery, Presses and Equipment

Polygraphica provides used machinery from the leading manufacturers in the printing, packaging and paper converting industries. View our available used / second hand machines using the filters below.

Omega 330 + Vectra SGTR 330

CRN Number: 56970
Match Code: V13
Model Year: 2007

ABG Vectra SGTR 330 Servo

CRN Number: 56967
Match Code: V13
Model Year: 2010

Perini 716B 110"

CRN Number: 56959
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 1999

Fabio Perini 65" line

CRN Number: 56870
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 1990

Perini 68:50 2.8m

CRN Number: 56846
Match Code: T13

Perini Sincro 4.5 2.65m

CRN Number: 56839
Match Code: T13

Perini 715B

CRN Number: 56835
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 2002

Perini Delta 2.7m

CRN Number: 56741
Match Code: T13

DeChangyu TRT & KRT Line

CRN Number: 56599
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 2010

Perini 813 2.65m

CRN Number: 56491
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 1986

Consani Gemini 500 100"

CRN Number: 55389
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 1995

Perini Fabio Alfina 68:50 TRT & KRT 2.65m

CRN Number: 55182
Match Code: T13
Model Year: 1997

Polygraphica's Used Machinery Division provides a viable alternative to buying new machines, supplying quality second-hand machines and equipment.  Regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading suppliers, we have the ability to offer a complete after sales service and technical support.

With a client database of over 90,000 potential customers and around 1,000 machines on offer at any given time, Polygraphica are uniquely placed to service your specific needs, whether Buying or Selling