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Polygraphica provides used machinery from all makes and models from the leading manufacturers in the printing, packaging and paper converting industries. View our available used / second hand machines using the filters below.

About Label Printing Presses and Label Finishing Equipment

Polygraphica buys and sells a wide range of used label printing presses and label finishing equipment. We can offer flexo label presses UV flexo label presses, letterpress label presses, combination label presses, offset label presses. We also supply used ancillary items, inspection rewinders, fan folders, label punching machines, hot foil presses, turret rewinders you can be sure Polygraphica has the equipment you are looking for.We can offer used label machinery and equipment from manufacturers that include, Arsoma, Arpeco, Comco, Edale, Focus, Gallus, Goebel, KDO, Kopack, Mark Andy, MPS, Nilpeter, Sanjo, Sanki and many others.Polygraphica can provide the used label machinery that you need. Please feel free to search our listings of used label printing and converting equipment, by clicking on the categories below

Gallus EM280

CRN Number: 56727
Match Code: V06
Model Year: 2005

Gallus EMS 340 - 10 Station Servo Press

CRN Number: 56725
Match Code: V02
Model Year: 2010

Edale Alpha 250 - 5 Colour Water Based Press

CRN Number: 56723
Match Code: V03
Model Year: 2008

Mark Andy 2200 - 8 Colour UV Flexo Label Press

CRN Number: 56722
Match Code: V04
Model Year: 1994

Gallus T250 - 5 offset + 1 flexo/screen

CRN Number: 56718
Match Code: V07
Model Year: 2001

Cartes GT360

CRN Number: 56715
Match Code: V06
Model Year: 2016

Gallus R200B

CRN Number: 56708
Match Code: V05
Model Year: 1994

Omega 330

CRN Number: 56705
Match Code: V10

Nilpeter FA2500 - 8 Colour UV Label Press

CRN Number: 56704
Match Code: V04
Model Year: 2001

Nilpeter FA2500 - 8 UV Flexo + Screen

CRN Number: 56703
Match Code: V04
Model Year: 2002

Nilpeter MO4 - 8 Station Combination Press

CRN Number: 56702
Match Code: V06
Model Year: 2007

Polygraphica's Used Machinery Division provides a viable alternative to buying new machines, supplying quality second-hand machines and equipment.  Regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading suppliers, we have the ability to offer a complete after sales service and technical support.

With a client database of over 90,000 potential customers covering all four corners of the world and around 1,000 machines on offer at any given time, Polygraphica are uniquely placed to service specific needs, whether Buying or Selling.