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Lithodoc Doctor Blades

Lithodoc doctor blades have been developed to enable sheetfed offset presses with coaters to increase productivity and reduce downtime. Doctor blades were originally developed for flexo and gravure presses. Ecograph and Polygraphica have now developed a doctor blade specifically for offset applications. There are two type of blades in the Lithodoc range for Aqueous and UV coatings.

Key benefits of Lithodoc Doctor Blades

  • Increased blade life
  • Contact area remains constant throughout life
  • Minimal doctor blade pressure extends anilox roller life
  • Less wasted board / paper
  • Less down time caused through blade changes
  • No doctor blade grinding equipment required

Lithodoc A - This blade has been developed for aqueous (water-based) coatings where corrosion of the blade can be a problem.

Lithodoc U - Developed for use with UV coatings.

Lithodoc Doctor Blades are also supplied in an easy-to-use dispenser box, for easy unreeling, no danger of injuries and the packaging is made of corrugated cardboard for easy disposal.

Our specialists will be glad to recommend the optimum blade for your coating application. Just call us for advice, but please have the following details ready. The substrate (paper or board), and the coating medium (aqueous or UV).