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Polygraphica provides used machinery from all makes and models from the leading manufacturers in the printing, packaging and paper converting industries. View our available used / second hand machines using the filters below.

About Corrugating Machinery

Polygraphica buys and sells a wide range of used machinery relating to the corrugated industry. We can offer equipment in various equipment such as single wall, double wall, micro and try wall corrugators, also single faced, slitter scorers, reel stands, sheeters, slotters, flexo printer, flexo printing with die cutting, in rotary and flat bed die cutting, single facers and many othersWe can offer corrugated equipment from the following manufactures that include, Peters, Mitsubishi, Agnati, Asitrade, Bobst, Bahmuller, Langston, TCY, Midas, Emba, Simon, Martin, Isowa, Curioni, Texo, Marquip, Gopfert Torres, Cuir and many others.Polygraphica can provide the used corrugated machinery that you need. Please feel free to search our listings of used corrugated equipment, by clicking on the categories below

BHS 2500mm double wall corrugator

CRN Number: 56597
Match Code: O09
Model Year: 1992

Roda Bundle Breaker line

CRN Number: 56056
Match Code: O26
Model Year: 1998


CRN Number: 56023
Match Code: O10
Model Year: 2000

Peters 2500

CRN Number: 56019
Match Code: O09
Model Year: 2009

Agnati 2500

CRN Number: 56014
Match Code: O09
Model Year: 1990

Martin 2800

CRN Number: 56013
Match Code: O09
Model Year: 1976

Polygraphica's Used Machinery Division provides a viable alternative to buying new machines, supplying quality second-hand machines and equipment.  Regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading suppliers, we have the ability to offer a complete after sales service and technical support.

With a client database of over 90,000 potential customers covering all four corners of the world and around 1,000 machines on offer at any given time, Polygraphica are uniquely placed to service specific needs, whether Buying or Selling.